Hydrogen Injection
Currently we are investigating the effect of hydrogen injection into the engines we apply. With increased performance, we achieved lower emission values.

Dual Fuel System
The Dual Fuel Controller is a system to control the pilot injection which has been developed in our company. It is used for the electronic control of the gas filling in diesel/ gas engines with continuous rotational speed. By the application of this system, the dynamic of the unit remains steady, especially in the event of load steps.

Buffer Vessels for Thermal Storage Applications
We, Sommer energy, are specialized on the construction and installation of buffer vessels directly at the site or building of the customers. Planning and dimensioning is carried out according to our customer?s requirements and the local conditions.

SOMMER ENERGY offers cutting-edge solutions as well as a comprehensive consultancy and service portfolio - quality you can rely on. Thanks to 20 years of experience we are able to customize our units according to your requirements.
The following pages will give you all necessary information about our products and services:
  • manufacturing and sale of cogeneration units
  • service of cogeneration units
  • manufacturing and sale of emergency power generators
  • automation and process visualization
  • energy management
We manufacture and deliver cogeneration units and emergency power generators for a wide range of applications. A reliable and efficient operation is achieved thanks to our long experience in the field of combined heat and power generation. In our company, we produce CHP units with a performance which ranges from 8 ? 500 kW and we offer emergency power generators with a performance of up to 1000 kW.

Several fuels can be used as primary energy source (natural-, sewage- bio- and landfill gas, heating- and vegetable oil as well as ethanol and methanol)

As OEM partner of the MAN Company in N?rnberg we mainly apply MAN engines and, thus, may offer sale, service and maintenance of stationary MAN engines. The control units which are delivered with our plants are manufactured in-house by our employees according to customer?s requirements and applicable standards.

In addition, we develop remote monitoring and control systems as well as automation systems and process visualization methods according to your needs.

SOMMER ENERGY offers professional and comprehensive consultancy services concerning your energy requirements and thus we may provide an efficient energy management for your company. We develop a customized overall concept for cost reduction. This includes the identification and visualization of energy-intensive appliances, the detection of savings potential.